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Author: Harry Smeltzer
Posted: 02/26/2017 - 10:09am
I believe that Garland found Captain Lay with a part of the Powhatan Troop at Manassas—certainly the place had been picketed for a few weeks—but that was all. Its strategic importance seemed to have been overlooked. On my arrival I found the boys comfortably quartered in tents and enjoying the contents of boxes of good […]
Author: Harry Smeltzer
Posted: 02/25/2017 - 8:00am
Author: Harry Smeltzer
Posted: 02/24/2017 - 10:04pm
Battle of Bull Run. Extract of a letter from Lieut. S. M. Harmon, Co. I, 27th Regt., N.Y.S.V. Franklin Square, Washington, DC, July 28, 1861 * * * I wrote you on the eve of the battle of Bull Run. Little did I imagine then the sufferings and dangers we had to undergo before another […]
Author: Harry Smeltzer
Posted: 02/21/2017 - 2:14pm
To recap, here’s how this works: as I read Edward Longacre’s study of the First Battle of Bull Run, The Early Morning of War, I put little Post-Its where I saw something with which I agreed or disagreed, or which I didn’t know, or which I did know and was really glad to see; essentially, […]
Author: Harry Smeltzer
Posted: 02/21/2017 - 10:02am
If you’ve been reading Bull Runnings for a while, you know that I’ve previewed all of the titles in Savas Beatie’s Emerging Civil War series. And you also know how these books work. Concise histories, lots of maps and illustrations, tough paperbacks, suitable for the field. The really interesting parts, to me anyway, are the […]
Author: (John David Hoptak)
Posted: 02/14/2017 - 8:38am

A Horse-Drawn Hearse Carries The Remains of Civil War Veteran Thomas Reed
Around the Square in Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania July 1938

(Courtesy of Mr. Bob Fisher) 
Thomas J. Reed was among the last surviving veterans of the 48th Pennsylvania Infantry. Indeed, of the more than 1,800...
Author: Harry Smeltzer
Posted: 02/10/2017 - 3:22pm
Bear with me – I’m spinning my wheels as fast as I can. I have two new, well, maybe newish, releases from Savas Beatie to which I must hip you all. First is a new edition of Mark A. Smith’s and Wade Sokolosky’s “No Such Army Since the Days of Julius Caesar:” Sherman’s Carolinas Campaign […]
Author: Harry Smeltzer
Posted: 02/08/2017 - 8:40am
Author: Harry Smeltzer
Posted: 02/07/2017 - 12:10pm
Camp Clark, July 24th/61 Washington, D. C. Dear Mother I rec’d your letter of the 21st shortly after our return to camp and take the earliest opportunity of writing. Yes, we have been & gone and done it. Last Thursday the 16th our brigade consisting of the two Rhode Island regiments, the New York 71st […]
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