Hike to Black Rock

I had an incredible hike out to Black Rock today. I can see it from my house but when I have hiked it before I have only gotten to Annapolis Rocks, which is a few miles shorter a hike.

I have a beautiful stereoview taken by E.M. Recher of some of the rocks and wanted to verify that the image is in fact Black Rock. But the fact is I was more interested this time just to see if I could do the hike without having a heart attack. I did not bring a printed copy of the image, and once i got there, I was not prepared for the onslaught of flies. So I will return soon with a copy image and some bug spray.


That said, I did get some beautiful images and am confident that I was at the right spot, or at least the general area. I am not confident that I found the exact rocks, certainly not the ones in the then and now above. It occurs to me, though, that the rocks may have fallen in the 130 years since the photograph was taken, so this may take some time. Also, the rock cliffs there are very precarious and there is a very long rock slide ledge to examine, easily a quarter-mile long.

Dangerous but beautiful place, which can be said of most of South Mountain, certainly here where you can find Black Rock, Raven Rock, and High Rock. I feel blessed to have these stunning sites right along the Appalachian Trail basically in my front yard.