Observation Tower

Antietam Valley Record on Sep 5, 1895

The stone observatory on the Bloody lane is now finished and ready for visitors. The view from this point alone is worth a visit to the famous Bloody lane as you can take in the entire right to the left nearly four miles. There will be, when all planted, nearly four hundred markers, giving one a good idea of the entire battle field with the advantage of the good roads. Every body ought to visit it and make a study of this great battle.

Antietam Valley Record on Aug 23, 1895

Mr. Jacob Snyder is putting the wood work on the “Bloody lane” Tower which will be surmounted by an iron railing around the top.

Antietam Valley Record on Jul 19, 1895

Hands have commenced work on the stone tower to be built on the hill overlooking the sunken part of the famous Bloody Lane. It will be built of stone and iron.

Antietam Valley Record on Apr 12, 1895

The stone observatory to be built in the Bloody Lane at the angle east of the Roulette lane, will be about 25 or 30 feet high; 16 feet square at the base and 15 feet to the first platform of which there will be two with stone steps on the inside and railing on the top for safety.

Antietam Valley Record on Mar 8, 1895

The government has several men at work on Mr. Michael Tennant’s farm quarrying stone for the culverts and for the foundation of the observatory to be erected on the battlefield this spring.

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